Concrete Mix

$8.60 (inc. GST)

Cement Australia Concrete Mix is a premium quality DRY MIX blend of sand, cement & aggregate.
Conveniently packed to ensure the correct amount for the right application. Just add water!
Ideal for building pathways, mower strips, small concrete slabs, securing clothes hoists, fence posts, repair work to concrete and small project brickwork footings.

Total price : $8.60

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  • Premium Quality
  • High Performance Product
  • Sand, Cement & Aggregate
  • Ready-to-use, Just Add Water
  • Conforms to Australian standards
  • Professional Finish
  • Ready-to-use
  • Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Excess water will ruin mortar, concrete & render mixes
  • Always Follow Safety, Usage & Handling Directions
  • Avoid creating & breathing in cement dust
  • Clean tools immediately after use with water

Additional information

Weight20 kg