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Other Concrete Products

  • Concrete Tread & Riser

    EHD Concrete Tread & Risers provide a stylish and sturdy stepping solution indoors or outdoors. They are reinforced, brush finished for anti-slip, 170mm high and and available in standard colours (onyx and natural) and various lengths. Contact Us for custom colours and sealing. Please note custom orders are subject to a minimum of 24 Tread & Risers and 4 week production timeframe.
  • EHD Concrete Car Park Wheel Stops are for heavy duty, high volume car park applications and protect vehicles from damage. They are made of steel reinforced natural concrete, have built in lifting pins for easy installation, bolt holes for fixing to the ground and are available in two sizes:
    • 1650 x 185 x 90mm (N12 steel)
    • 1980 x 200 x 100mm (N12 steel)
    Contact Us for custom colours.


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